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We enhance businesses and improve the performance of their communication through marketing and design. As a communication-design expert, we work with companies in all industries — from corrosion to catering, from offshore positioning equipment to executive compensation. And everything in between. As such, we are in a unique position to share specific industry expertise across different markets — resulting in opportunities and viewpoints clients could not otherwise experience because they are “stuck” inside their industry. And, we have access to industry experts from all these areas and the ability to create low-cost / high-value strategic alliances.

Corrosion Source logo


Corrosion Source logo

What should every business communication begin and end with? Your company logo. It’s your company’s signature and seal. A great logo conveys the energy and purpose that sets your company apart. This means your business identity starts with your logo. Plus, when a logo is designed correctly, it delivers both a sensory experience and aesthetic gratification to everyone involved with your company—your prospects, clients, employees, investors, and the general public. Your logo is the main part of your company identity. Identity is defined as the collective aspect of the set of characteristics that a thing is definitively recognizable or known.   While we work in every industry, the one thing that is our “special sauce” is our ability to understand the industry and get into the mind of the client’s client. We want to speak directly to the person who will be buying the product or service from our client. This is truly a marriage of art and science. It all starts with establishing the right identity.


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No matter what you sell (a service or product), some aspects of what you do are intangible. The more service-oriented your offering, the more intangible it becomes. When your prospects cannot “try out” your product or service in advance, then the reassurances and promises you make about your offering become a significant part of your marketing effort. How are your promises presented to your prospects? No matter how much you may fight it, your prospects will make judgments based only on appearances. In fact, the less tangible your offering, the more powerful this “appearance” judgment will be. There are many ways to express your promise and intention, along with your ability to deliver. From vehicle wraps to bobbleheads, from investor pitches to direct mail — it all matters. 

BRS Labs brochure
Visual Applause website


Visual Applause website

Knowing what your clients’ and prospects’ problems are, knowing how to solve these problems, and then knowing how to tell them you can solve them is what marketing is all about. A great way to re-energize your marketing effort is to focus intently on the problems you are resolving, then check to be sure your marketing message and website is saying this loud and clear. Websites are designed for your ideal and primary client and prospect. Trying to be all things to all people does not work well and prolongs the customer’s journey into your company. What do your clients thank you for? Start there.

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