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Kathy Ellis

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Kathy Ellis co-founded The Business Lab in 1997. She is the author of How To Market Big, and the developer of the soon to launch an educational series called Start Here Now — for entrepreneurs starting new businesses. She is a certified Subject Matter Expert from the Buyer Persona Institute, and holds a Master’s Degree in Finance from the University of New Mexico.

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We enjoy sharing information about marketing, sales, organizational flow, Theory of Constraints (Dr. Goldratt), Theory of Profound Knowledge (Deming), and other useful insights we’ve uncovered during our ongoing journey to help business leaders future-proof their companies to survive and thrive in uncertainty and the unknown. 


The Nasty Clog Preventing Growth

If something is limiting you or the growth of your company, chances are there is a specific way in which you are being limited. Once you know the limitation you can remove it and flow on! This article discusses limitations, flow and ideas for improvement.


Everyone gets excited about the latest and greatest marketing ideas but often, the ROI is unclear. The goal is always to increase Throughput while reducing operating costs. This article addresses these ideas.

How To Waste A Lot of Money

What can be done to ensure you are not wasting dollars on content that goes unused? Buyers today do not want to be sold to. Things are not sold, they are bought. And, being on the very short list of your ideal buyer is the goal. This article explores this idea.

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