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Kathy Ellis co-founded The Business Lab in 1997. She is the author of How To Market Big, and the developer of the soon to launch an educational series called Start Here Now — for entrepreneurs starting new businesses. She is a certified Subject Matter Expert from the Buyer Persona Institute, and holds a Master’s Degree in Finance from the University of New Mexico.

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We enjoy sharing information about marketing, sales, organizational flow, Theory of Constraints (Dr. Goldratt), Theory of Profound Knowledge (Deming), and other useful insights we’ve uncovered during our ongoing journey to help business leaders future-proof their companies to survive and thrive in uncertainty and the unknown. 


Closing an Uncertainty Gap

Uncertainty can be a valuable leveraging tool for most entrepreneurs and entrepreneurial-minded CEOs. This article provides information and an example of just how to leverage uncertainty.

Coefficient of Fiction

Want to know the best way to attract ideal prospects….fast? Give them what they want an need from you in order to buy your solution.

Exploring The Potential Of Risk – Part One

This article explores risk and its potential. It discusses how COVID is creating more risk-taking CEOs. Second, it demonstrates how companies can unknowingly (via hidden assumptions) undermine their profitability and employees — and that can be pretty risky.


Uncertainty-unsmerentity If you own or are the CEO of any business, uncertainty isn’t a thing; it’s a way of life. We deal with it every day. Uncertainty is just another way to say – we have a problem to solve. Being American is what makes dealing with uncertainty a specialty of ours. Though some will […]

Just one more thing….

Visionaries are always in a hurry — almost crisis mode — they see opportunity in terms of windows of time…and they see those windows close, time and again, very quickly. This article is for the visionaries who believe crisis = opportunity.

And this is where our adventure began.

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