Flow Gold

Imagine surviving and thriving in uncertainty and the unknown

Missing the numbers is a thing in the past.

Faster than your competitors at increasing sales.

Capturing market share on a consistent basis.

Operational cost containment – always.

What if you could see things no one else can see — not the board of directors, not the highly trained subject matter experts, no one on the inside or outside?

And what if the things you see can quickly turn into competitive advantages, more profit, more sales, new products, product mixes, market segments, efficiencies that directly lead to bottom-line results, and the ability to more clearly and confidently see into the future?

Flow-Gold is a process that is based on our twenty+ years of experience. A process we strongly believe can increase sales revenues by as much as 76%, compress time revenue by as much as 40%, significantly reduce a top-three annual expense (examples include from $1.5M to $10M reduction in one year), and solve up to five crippling operational challenges — all with measurable results in 100 days, no need to invest any capital whatsoever, and an average return on investment of 730%. See below for a few of the results we are providing.

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A glimpse into what’s possible


Manufacturing Plant — OEE at 70.9% and 7,617,220 opportunities lost. Identified bottlenecks and inventory surpluses. Improved OEE, immediate savings of $185k from dead stock, increased annual output by 1.2M units (15% increase), reduced stock inventory by as much as 50%, increased inventory turns 100-200%, maintained 100% service levels, reduced days of sales inventory from 9 to 3 days (days sales inventory {DSI} reduction up to 300%

Automotive Industry — $10M annual savings by avoiding engineering hours spent for bottleneck resolution analysis

Industrial operation with 100+ facilities — Machine behavior around uptime and downtime. Discovered 25-30% downtime per shift, 15% of unplanned downtime was due to maintenance coding and unskilled workforce performing maintenance tasks. $1.5M savings in the first year.

Paper Manufacturing — Company suspected overproduction due to overstocking and shelving issues but didn’t know exactly where. Discovered that tens-of-millions of paper product should not have been manufactured, leading to millions-of-dollars being spent unnecessarily each month. ROI 1000x

Manufacturing Warehouse — High shipping costs, variability in production and inventory due to inaccurate understanding of lead times, no insight into pickage, storage and replenishment. $1M savings per warehouse, 13% picker efficiency, 10x reduction in shipping costs.

Bottling Plant — Experience constant, unpredictable downtime and had limited trained resources to resolve the problems. Plant generates $2.5M revenue per week, downtime costs are $30K per minute. Working with 4 machines (30+ years old). Discovered that machines 2 and 4 varied three orders of magnitude from the average cycle times. Determined replacing units 2 and 4 over three weeks would result in a net output increase of $10 to $15M per year. Bottle output improved from 40K to 60K for time reference (70% increase).

Food Packaging — Unpredictable downtimes in packaging. Worker inconsistency across shifts. No insight into disruption of available finished goods. Increased output productivity by 70%. 18% efficiency gain for labor productivity. 10% reduction in processing time.

A glimpse into what’s possible

Other Industries

Facility Operation — Minimize extra maintenance hours. Discovered maintenance coding problems and identified the most probably reasons through data patterns and model fittings. Reduced 12% of false positive alarms wasting maintenance hours.

Trucking Brokerage Service — 9000+ trucks. Wanted to understand how to match, real-time, largest revenue-contributing customers with most on time performance carriers. Carriers wanted to be matched, real-time, with their most profitability customers. Discovered over 50% of deliveries resulted in financial loss to carrier companies. 20% of shipments lead to 80% of profits for carrier. Determined which top 5 carriers the brokerage’s top customers should be consistently paired with. Weeding out unprofitable customers. Identified best mix for maximum profitable growth.

Oil and Gas Transportation — Excessive fluid trucking costs were becoming as much as oil and gas operations costs ($200k per well). Supervisors were flagging an increase of truck waiting time as the bottleneck. Wanted to determine bottlenecks and cost savings opportunities. Discovered the real bottleneck was not the truck waiting time, it was the fluid source location — which was causing underutilized and excess trucks. Determined flat rate fluid contracts would offset trucking supplier inefficiencies — $15k savings per well.

International aviation services company providing airport ground and cargo handing services — More than 5M tonnes of cargo for over 750+ companies. Discovered the airlines that consistently had airport traffic violations and provided this analysis within 2 hours, saving at least one month of analysis time. Optimize real-time production with long-term savings of prevented air traffic and passenger reimbursement fines.

Retail Store — No insight into best and worst selling products and modifiers, inventory pile up for products, logistics challenges around SKU supply, wastage of food items. Create 5% labor productivity gain, 15% inventory production, 28 unprofitable modifiers eliminated.

We can produce similar or even greater results for your company

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